No Cleanout Trial Results


An operator in the Haynesville area reached out to Kureha Energy Solutions (KES) requiring a reliable 10k dissolvable frac plug that can degrade in their harsh wellbore conditions for their plug-and-perf frac operations. The operator requested to run the Kureha Degradable Frac Plug (KDP) in a full wellbore application to help eliminate coiled tubing and the costs and risks of mill-out operations. Eliminating coiled tubing operations can save a customer $50,000-$70,000 per day, over $100,000 per well.

KDP Design

The KDP is designed to eliminate the risk of costly plug mill-out operations. It is manufactured from the industry’s original degrading material that is field tested and highly suitable for frac plug material. The KDP hybrid design includes the degradable polymer (Polyglycolic acid, PGA) and dissolvable sealing element that predictably degrade to provide a clear wellbore for production without intervention and assist in reaching longer laterals that coil tubing cannot reach.


The 4.43” KDP was run full wellbore in 5.5” 20# casing. During the frac treatment, tracers were pumped downhole into several stages. No problems were reported or seen during the frac operations, and the operator was very pleased with the KDP performance. The KDP has a reliable sealing performance due to its two slip design and traditional full-length sealing element. 

After frac, the operator soaked the KDP’s for 7 days. Once the recommended 7 day soak time was achieved, the operator slowly started production. The well produced successfully with no debris problems and tracers that were pumped into the well during frac operations were successfully recovered. After a week of production, the operator conducted a cleanout to observe if the productivity of the well is increased or not. The productivity did not change, proving that the trial was successful. No tags or plug parts were reported or recovered during the cleanout. 

The results of this trial are a good example of the degradation stability of the KDP. PGA based degradable plugs degrade stably under a variety of conditions. PGA degradation does not stop, even in the conditions that have less liquid water or have a lot of sand. Please contact KES for more information in regards to your frac plug solution today. 

Case Study Data 

  • Region – Haynesville
  • Casing Size – 5.5” 20#
  • Plug Location – Full Well-bore
  • BHT – 260°F
  • Water Type – Fresh Water
  • Soak Time – 7 days
  • Initial Production Time – 7 days 

KDP Specs 

  • Material – KDP-PGA
  • 4.43” OD
  • Max Differential Pressure – 10,000 psi
  • Max Speed – 500ft/min
  • Max Pump Down Rate – 18 bpm
  • BHT Range – 180°F – 380°F
  • Ball-in-place and pump-down ball options
  • No pre-set history 

The values shown above are typical, and not guaranteed values. 

Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Case Study 1 / Published: 05/26/2022 



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